Tax Preparation

We offer tax preparation services for individuals, families and businesses across the United States. We have experience covering all corporate structures including but not limited to sole-proprietorships, LLC’s, S-Corporations, Corporations, Partnerships and estates in all 50 states.

Our team has been preparing personal and corporate tax returns for decades and pride ourselves in taking a creative and calculated approach in how we handle each filing and deduction. We are recognized and praised for maximizing refunds from the IRS and handle each and every engagement in a very personalized manner. We work alongside each client individually to gather, organize and execute their filings in a timely fashion. We do not process returns through an assembly line as many of our competitors do and our tax services are what have created our firm's foundation. We have served thousands and thousands of clients resulting in millions of refunds since our inception.


Financial tracking and organization is one of the most important elements in sustaining a healthy and operating business model. Transactions include but are not limited to purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual person or an institution. Additionally billing and invoicing as well as performing banking, credit card, loan, investment and merchant account reconciliations should also be recorded. We also compile the sales, tax returns and filings transactions to track job costing and departmental or location tracking income and expenses.

We offer experienced, affordable and dependable financial management reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis depending on your distinct demands. By organizing your companies cash-flows, you will understand your company's financial and our team can work with you on any recommendations and suggestions to better categorize past and future transactions to the proper chart of accounts.

Payroll Services

Our payroll service handles calculating and withholding taxes from employee paychecks, filing employer tax returns, paying taxes, adjusting benefits, cutting payroll checks and making direct deposits. Focusing on growth is crucial especially for smaller, rapidly growing organizations where leadership and executives need to direct their resources on expansion.

At OmniTax we understand that the most valuable asset in any corporation is the employees and we approach our payroll services with that in mind. Our support ensures that by handling and automating these mundane back office tasks for your team. We will work with you on various options that best suit your organization and modify the payroll service to ensure your employees are compensated timely and accurately.

Financial Planning & Analysis

We work along side your team in determining how your business will afford to achieve its strategic goals and intentions. Usually, a company creates a financial plan immediately after the vision and objectives have been set. Theses plans will be inclusive of forecasts and budgets as well as detailed models supported by assumptions and growth initiatives. It is necessary for any business to do its best to thrive and stay afloat in its competitive industry and the best way to do so is to understand its analytics and support a guided plan.

Our firm will grasp a thorough understanding of your company's business and operations and tailor monthly, quarterly and annual analytical dashboards and presentations to give your leadership team a detailed understanding of the company's performance. This feedback will help your executives make any necessary adjustments to ensure goals and performance objective intents are met.

Company Formation and Registration

If you are starting out in business and want to materialize your dreams and ideas, you’ll need to undergo a tedious registration process. This even applies if you are already established and incorporated and you want to name your business something other than your given name. Our company formation and registration services carry you through every step of this administrative process so you can focus on the more substantial parts of your startup experience.

This is a critical step as your ideas emerge from incubation and a conservative approach to avoiding any unnecessary tax obligations. We will work with you to structure your business in the most strategic fashion with a forward looking appeal to accommodate future operational and financial expansion without having to worry about organizational duties.

Quickbooks Support and Setup

Our QuickBooks Setup services save you time and are designed through an approach that is tailored to your company's specific needs, including training you and your team on necessary accounting, management and tax functionalities.

Our plan is to evaluate your software and accounting needs and recommend any additional requirements for optimization. We design and set up charts of accounts, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. It is necessary to understand services, inventory, parts, vendors, charges and sales taxes and alongside any outstanding payable or receivable balances. Bank balances and any checks or deposits outstanding will also be accounted for as well as transactions as of the determined start date.

We service businesses of all sizes and industries, priding ourselves on being available for any additional support required.

Business Valuations

Whether you're preparing to sell or recapitalize your business, or simply just want to understand the value of its current operations, our team can help justify a valuation range. An independent valuation can help speculate your company's position in the market place and if any outstanding offers are worth pursuing. It is also recommended to have a valuation completed when large milestones are met within the organization to benchmark any financial breakthroughs. This will help management in estimating the impacts of future decisions.

Our valuations are not only done through diligent cash flow analysis, but also in regards to recent transactions in the specific industry as well as comparables trading on the public markets. These are presented in an effort to cover all possible value ranges and adjust for any outliers that may lead to inaccurate multiples.